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Why Choose Roos Music?

  • All Our Teachers Are Well-Qualified, Motivated and FBI Background Checked. 
    Great music teachers are hard to come by. They need a blend of extreme talent, personality, and a child-safe background. We have taken careful steps to only hire those that meet all requirements.

  • All Lessons Are Recorded On High Definition Cameras In Every Teaching Room.
    Our camera monitoring system gives parents peace of mind knowing that they can check on their child’s lesson at any time from the lobby. This also gives the child a sense of independence without sacrificing safety.

  • State Of The Art Scheduling.
    Our scheduling is designed with you in mind! We meticulously schedule around school breaks and major holidays to give you a low-stress experience. Easily reschedule days you know you’ll be unable to make it (up to 24 hours before your lesson), and same day sick cancellations are given free makeup lessons. All lessons are month to month, so you never have to be worried about being locked into a contract.

What we offer


Guitar Lessons: 
Express your thoughts and feelings with sound. Whether you’re a singer/songwriter in the making, or a future Joe Satriani, we have you covered in all genres! Acoustic, Electric, Folk, Rock, Classical, Bass.

Ukulele Lessons:
An amazingly versatile instrument. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn techniques, form and rhythm to use later on guitar, or to take it to soaring heights with the likes of Jake Shimabukuro, you’ll be right at home here.

Drum Lessons:
The heartbeat of any band, drums have a place in most any setting! Jam out to your favorite songs while learning note reading, rhythm, rudiments and all the other elements that create signature styles.

Voice Lessons: 
Learn how to sing your favorite songs with correct form and technique! Fun for all ages, we help you find your range and bring out your best voice. See how high you can soar!


Piano Lessons: 
From classical to pop, learn your favorite songs on a 6 foot concert grand piano. Learn how to master note-reading, proper form and technique, as well as accompanying yourself while singing!

Cello Lessons: 
The quintessential orchestra instrument, cello will delight you with its rich tones and stunning range. Master pieces for your school orchestra, or learn your favorite pop songs!

What others are saying about us

Josh really goes above and beyond for my daughter. When we decided to purchase a guitar, he offered to come with us to choose the perfect one. He is kind-hearted, flexible and makes my daughter beam with excitement and pride as a result of his lessons. What makes him special is not just what he teaches, but how he makes his students feel.

— Jill Schulman
Roos Music is the next... Roos Music. That’s how good it is!
Don’t even bother trying anywhere else, these guys are awesome!

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